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Fine Furniture for your Fine Wines

Le Caché® refrigerated wine cellars are hand crafted from premium materials and designed to maintain optimal conditions for the proper storage and aging of fine wine.

We commissioned acclaimed furniture designers to create our furniture designs and we offer a choice of styles
and sizes to suit most wine storage needs.  Our main goal is to exceed your expectations and offer our satisfaction guarantee.

Ideal Conditions for proper wine storage

Le Caché premium wine cabinets create and maintain optimal wine storage conditions to preserve and age fine wines. Constructed from premium wood materials, our wine cabinets create natural environments that are dark, cool, climate-controlled and free from outside disturbance.

Our Wine Cellars have been engineered to recreate the climate found in natural wine cellars. Our cabinets are designed with great care, constructed from the finest materials and come with the  best warranty in the industry.

A cool temperature ranging from 55-57 degrees Fahrenheit is considered to be optimal for the biochemical development that occurs as fine wines mature. Our cabinets are designed to create ideal conditions for wine STORAGE and AGING, and we believe that all wine should be stored and aged within this temperature range. We do not offer cabinets with multiple temperature zones.

Ultraviolet rays penetrate wine bottles and cause the tannins to oxidize, resulting in irreparable damage to fine wine. That's why of our premium wine cabinets come with UV-treated tinted glass as a standard feature, to protect and preserve your collection of fine wines.

Maintaining the right humidity of 50-70% inside the wine cabinet is important for the optimal storage and aging
of fine wine. When conditions are too dry, the cork can become brittle and shrink, thereby allowing wine inside the bottle to oxidize. When conditions are too humid, wine labels can become damaged and mold can grow inside the cabinet.

Le Caché exclusively uses force air wine cooling units from CellarPro which allow you to adjust the humidity inside your wine cabinet. In general, forced-air cooling systems do a better job than cold wall cooling systems of maintaining humidity inside wine cellars. Cold wall cooling systems extract the moisture from the air inside the cabinet because they cause condensation on the cold wall. As a result, cold wall cooling systems require drip pans that must be cleaned periodically. In addition, to replace the moisture that collects in the drip pans, cabinets with cold wall cooling systems must use air vents to allow outside air to enter the cabinet. These air vents may inadvertently allow odors to seep into the cabinet, which is why cold wall cooling systems sometimes also require air filters that must be replaced periodically. Le Caché wine cabinets don't require drip pans or air filters
and you won't need lava rocks or a messy dish of water and a sponge. To adjust the humidity inside your wine cellar simply change a setting on the digital display.

Clean air is vital for the preservation and storage of wine, which actually breathes through the cork in the bottle. When the doors of our wine cabinets are closed, the environment is sealed to protect and preserve the wine inside the cabinet. Like French oak barrels, our wine cabinets and racking systems are constructed from high-quality wood materials that protect the wine and enhance the aging process.


It is best to minimize the movement of wine bottles while they are being stored and aged. Our racks, made from solid wood, provide double-deep storage and are stationary to eliminate unnecessary movement and disruption of wine bottles as they age. To compare Le Cache wine cabinets versus products from other manufacturers

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