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Portable Imprinters and Charge By Fone 
Great tool For the person selling "On the Go"

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Now days we do not need those anymore! .... really? have you been at a show and/or in an outdoor location with bad or no connection (due to outside or unsuspected conditions) at all and had to resort to "writing" all clients info with even no sales slip? ... having one of our port a print and/or mini imprinters still would do a better job with less mistakes and surely a great one-time investment to make sure your trade show, presentation goes without a glitch? better have it and not need it than not having it!

PortAPrint Imprinters  

The Port-A-Print Imprinter is truly the industry standard low-cost portable imprinter. Our exclusive design is the lowest cost pocket-size imprinter available. The compact, lightweight design makes it ideal for out-of-store or in-home card sales. The Port-A-Print accepts both standard merchant plates and drafts. Start today closing more sales, elimination errors, reducing "chargebacks" and bringing in higher ticket totals. more info ....
Mini 990 Imprinters

This is our other model - Heavy duty portable imprinter, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and delivers traditional slide action ease of use. Constructed from durable plastic and diecast shell, this unit delivers flatbed quality imprinting, without the bulkiness and weight. more info ....


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