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  History of Roger Wine Openers
The Rogar Line of Wine Openers is currently exhausted - Supply come and go and those on the waiting list get first crack when they come in. We suggest you contact us FIRST if you are interested in any of the Rogar Models. (ie. Model #0200 became available on Monday (12/10) but by the time you read this it will be out of stock probably again)!  If you are in a hurry consider either of our 2 newest brand additions for your consideration. 

At this Point we do not have an ETA for any Rogar Wine Openers.

We will post updates here when they become available or you can email us.

Attention regarding the Clamp Sets

Please be advised that Antique Bronze (item #260B) is only available in limited supply
The Antique Pewter (item # 260A) is not available but will be first in line coming back

The Nickel Plated (260N) or Silver Plated (260S) or Vintage (260V) are not available and there is no ETA (estimated time of arrival) scheduled.

If you want to use your wine opener in the meantime we suggest you get the Antique Bronze (item # 260B) and keep it as a backup once your item becomes available again. Supply is limited as well so hurry to get yours! We'll give you a 10% off the item when you re-order.

You are welcome to email us for more current status - please no calls as we would need to get the list thus we won't have the info readily available for you.

Alternative "Wine Openers" Models Worth Considering

Legacy OPENERS       Frontgate Openers

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